More and more research shows that how or what we think directly affects our moods and how we feel, and contrary to popular belief, events or situations do not determine our mood. Instead, the thought process that we go through as an individual, based on all of our life experiences to date, will determine what any event means to us.

Two people can face the same circumstances or event and yet, both of them will have very different reactions to this situation.

If thinking affects our feelings, and feelings determine our physical state of being, then we can change how we feel by simply changing how we think, or by changing our perception of our life situations. This thinking is a skill that can be practiced and strengthened, and is something that we at D-Toxd are truly passionate about and the reason why we have created some specially designed programs for you to take part in.

D-Toxd Mind allows you to understand yourself even more, unravel the ties that may be holding you back and provides you with new tools and techniques to support you through stressful and challenging times, now and in the future to come.​

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