At D-Toxd, it is our aim to ensure that you get the most out of your stay so we have made sure that, whatever you choose to do, there will be enough to keep you occupied, and at the same time, a great balance to ensure you get all the rest and relaxation you need.

Make your choice from the following programs during your stay with us. With your input, we’ll give you a personalized program upon your arrival to follow during your stay so that you work towards the results you desire.

All members of our team are highly experienced in dealing with all the programs that we have put together – in fact, it is for this reason that our programs have been put together. We know exactly what it is like to face these challenges and our experience through each of them ensures we can support you along your journey to feeling good again.


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Below is a guide as to what happens on a typical day with us. It must be noted that not every day at the Retreat is the same and this is just a guide for your reference. Remember, everything is optional on our program so you get to take part in whatever you choose.

08:00 – Yoga or Stretch Session
09:00 – Breakfast (we always start the day with a freshly prepared Juice/Smoothie)
10:00 – Morning Walk
11:30 – Morning Boost (our mid-morning snack)
12:00 – Exercise Class ** (Circuits, Total Body Workout or Core Work)
13:00 – Lunch Time
14:00 – Afternoon Class ** (Talks, Creativity)
15:30 – Afternoon Snack
16:30 – Afternoon Class ** Individual Program Dependant)
18:00 / 18:30 – * Dinner
20:00 – Meditation, Movie of Free Time

* During the 3-Day Detox, juices are served 5 times a day and the Evening Juice is served at 18:00. Our Welcome Dinner on a Saturday evening is served at 18:30 and our Naya Fiesta on Friday, our way of celebrating the week gone by, is served at 19:00.

** Classes indicated here are to give you an idea of what to expect and vary from day to day.

Guests can expect the following results ** from our program, provided they embrace the philosophy of Real Life Healthy Living that we share at D-Toxd “The Retreat”

  • ​Improved health and vitality
  • A brighter, more positive and focused outlook on life
  • Understanding how to maintain a healthier life style
  • De-stressed and relaxed
  • Weight loss
  • A re-balanced mind, body and soul
  • Improved fitness levels
  • New ideas for healthy living
  • Return home looking and feeling amazing (and younger)
  • The healthiest holiday you’ll ever experience

** PLEASE NOTE – Results will vary from individual to individual and these results are based on people who have taken part in all elements of our program and who have continued to implement them upon returning home.

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